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The Nursery in the Cabin

We stayed at a rental cabin on Lake Shasta and one cool thing that it had, that we haven’t seen at other cabins is a baby’s room, it was so cute. There was a little rocking cradle made from a hollowed out log that looked like someone whittled it on the front porch. The head of it had a bunch of teeny little carved hearts, it was the sweetest thing. I just picture it being made, and whatever lumberjack-looking man sat there with a teeny chisel carving hearts in wood for his baby just melts my heart. It reminds me of the passion that a 12 yr old girl feels scribbling hearts all over her notebook.

The crib had an adorable little quilt on it, and the sheets were trimmed with eyelet lace. The curtains were eyelet, too. In the closet, the winter draperies were woolen, in a soft pink. I bet they glow when the sun comes through.

They had a braided rug, also pink wool, but in several shades of pink and gray wool. It looked handmade, but I doubt it was. On the wall, there was framed baby animals of the woods with their mothers; a deer, a mama & baby ducks, a baby foal and his mare, and a mama hawk feeding the babies in her nest.

The rocking chair and the crib were both white wood, but they looked old, not sparkling white. I think that’s prettier anyway. The crib was modern even though it looked old because the slats were close enough together to be legal. Plus the latches were the kind you see on newer cribs. That tells me that I don’t need to be concerned about lead paint either, not that it’s legal to have lead paint in a rental here anyway, but still. You never know.

They also had a toy box from a hollowed log, a little bigger than the cradle. The toys in it were just a few dolls, board books and stuffed animals

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